About Us

Dyson Currie is a family owned and operated timber wholesale company originally formed by Doug Dyson (dec.) and Ross Currie in 1978.


The company specialised in precision component docking for furniture manufacturers, which at the time was an industry first. After working for over 40 years in the timber industry Ross and his wife Bronwyn retired and the company was taken over by Tim Currie (son) and Peta Currie (daughter) in 2004. In the company’s recent history they have significantly added more products and services in order to maintain high standards and meet customer expectations.


As Tim and Peta continue to expand, the company’s market share now incorporates all aspects of timber usage. A large focus has been directed towards timber merchants specialising in timber flooring (all species), dressed hardwood boards, architraves and jambs, primed F/J pine, pine boards, floorings and linings all made to order and bulk lots all whilst maintaining their original docking and machining facility.


As the company stands today it is continually striving to better itself with the ultimate goal of being market leaders in service and quality.